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Eudonym Onoto Watanna become successful writers Eaton began writing as a young girl; her articles on the Chinese were accepted for publication in Montreal's English language newspapers the Montreal Star and the Daily Witness She asserted her Chinese heritage and wrote articles that told what life was like for a Chinese woman in white America Her fictiona.

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A Chinese Ishmael and Other Stories

Edith Maude Eaton 1865 1914 was an author best known under the pseudonym Sui Sin Far She had to leave school at a young age to work in order to help support her family Nonetheless the children were educated at home and raised in an intellectually stimulating environment that saw both Edith and her younger sister Winnifred 1875 1954 who wrote under the ps.

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L stories about Chinese Americans first published in 1896 were a reasoned appeal for her society's acceptance of working class Chinese at a time when the United States Congress maintained the Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 1943 Her works include A Chinese Ishmael 1899 An Autumn Fan 1910 The Bird of Love 1910 and A Love Story From the Rice Fields of China 191.

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