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One period to the next He gives proper attention to Spain's contacts with the rest of the medieval world but his main concern is with the events and institutions on the peninsula itselfIllustrations genealogical charts maps and an extensive bibliography round out the book It will be welcomed by teachers of Spanish and Portuguese history and literature as well as by medievalists as the fullest account to date of Spanish history in the Middle Age. Excellent read of Medieval Spain and how they rose to a premiere world power 500 600 years ago

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A History of Medieval Spain

The Hispanic community of the Middle Ages is brilliantly recreated in all its variety and richness in this comprehensive survey Likely to become the standard work in English the book treats the entire Iberian Peninsula and all of the people who inhabited it from the coming of the Visigoths to the reign of Ferdinand and IsabellaIntegrating a wealth of information about the diverse peoples institutions religions and customs that flourished in the.

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States that are now Spain and Portugal Professor O'Callaghan focuses on the continuing attempts to impose political unity on the peninsula He divides his story into five compact historical periods and discusses political social economic and cultural developments in each period By treating states together he is able to put into proper perspective the relationship among them their similarities and differences and the continuity of development from. One of the best history books I ve ever read You might expect a history of Spain from the invasion of the Muslims in 711 to the unification of most of Spain Roman Hispania under the Catholic kings around 1479 would be a hard indeed thing to narrate And you d be right especially when that history covers different kingdoms peoples of diverse languages and of the three monotheistic religions all living in one and the same peninsula Also if that book aspires to cover all aspects of the lives of these nations from the governmental social cultural economical what have you well the author achieves a monumental success The impression left on the reader is like the view you get from a plane flying not too high you see perfectly what the country looks like and how it goes changing colors and shapes in just a matter of minutes So I see Spain in this book that covers the medieval era Do you need to know about Spain previous to reading this book It would definitely help to have an idea of its geography and of its peoples but not than a few tourist notions and you re ready to go But go slow Go back if you have to underline take notes as I did This book however thick it is is just an invitation to pick your favorite stories and go deep on them later on in other books I picked a lot of interesting subjects myself that I can t wait to find the right book to go into deeper Just a few events and names for instance the Mendoza Castro or Lara families the continuous struggle of the magnates with the crown for eminence is very interesting especially in the beginning of the reconuest when reconuest and colonization provided such a great time for opportunities for individual entrepreneurship for acuiring fame honor and advancing in life perhaps even from rural poverty to nobility in those times you made your own destiny of course when the reconuest was over the changes for individuals without means to progress the progress that is real progress not like getting welfare if you understand me was also over Exit the individual enter the governmentAs I was saying there are plenty of things that will interest you to the point of encouraging you to do further reading and investigating The lives of adventurers Venetians Genoese mercenaries like the German Roger de Flor who started the Catalan Company the life and times of the Cid the rivalries among members of the crown to inherit the thrones to the point of brothers killing brothers and sons shunning their regent mothers the political alliances between kingdoms and the whole mingling of newcomers with the natives Visigoths with Romans European pilgrims and crusaders settling down here with native Spaniards new African invasions of Muslims with previous waves Christians who converted to keep their possessions and lives among the Muslim invaders and vice versa man there s a lot of amazing stuff in Spain s history to get a hold ofThe author deals very intelligently with all these issues He goes by chronological stretches first minding the main events kings main battles or events in each kingdom then goes on to the economics or the government then the cultural stuff and so on Then goes again into another stretch of time and does the same But he never gets you mixed up so as to not know if you are reading about Castile Portugal Navarre or about Arag n and without having to break down the time stretch into too little subsections which would make the reading confusing and hard to follow The man has a knack for organization I have to admitFinally I saw no political bias no applying our modern standards to older times History for real where the author goes unnoticeableFor fans of history in general A treat

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    A historian is both lucky and talented when confronted with a broad subject of which very little is known; when the historian can develop a captivating narrative to handle such wide realms; and when the chronicler writes we

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    This is amazingly encyclopedic account of the history of the Iberian peninsula from Visigothic times to the end

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    Well this seemed like a textbook and in fact it is a textbook 'suitable for the undergraduate or graduate student seeking a reliable orientation to medieval peninsular history' according to the back cover And so it is but what a history There were times my eyes glossed over and fortunately there is no test coming from Professor O'Callaghan The sheer number of Pedros Alfonsos Juans Fernandos Carlos Jamies Sanchos and other repetitive king

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    One of the best history books I've ever read You might expect a history of Spain from the invasion of the Muslims in 711 to the unification of most of Spain Roman Hispania under the Catholic kings around 1479 would be a hard indeed thing to

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    Who is able to tell and relate the sad and dolorous story of unhappy Spain and the evils that have befallen her?A uestion posed by medieval author Fernan Perez de Guzman and as relevant today as it was so many c

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    The Medieval era of Spain stretches out over a thousand years of history from the end of the Roman Empire and the invasion of the Visigoths in the 5th century through the Muslim invasions and the Reconuest and up to the combined crowns of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479 and Professor O'Callaghan guides us through that long and tumultuous saga with a workmanlike narrative that concentrates on the political asp

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    Excellent read of Medieval Spain and how they rose to a premiere world power 500 600 years ago

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    Encompasses everything so much that it reads in piecemeal fashion Arab history of Spain is sidelined as the book progresses Ideal as a reference

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    This is jam packed with so much information But as long as you take the time to read it carefully it really is a great book Granted I wouldn't read it if I didn't have to for school though