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Omes to one brother about the road of destruction they are headed down so he tries to pull the other brother out before its too late Even if it means returning to the Godly principles their mother tried to instill in them Will the resistance of one brother cause them both their life Can the brothers get back on track with God Follow Esther as she tries to protect her children by asking God to hear A Mothers Pray.

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A Mother's Prayer

Ech being the oldest and closest to his mother gave up on God as a whole and became hooked on being with the wrong crowd Levi always fought against his mother and her desire to teach him about God His resistance ends up backfiring on him and the only thing he can do is the one thing he vowed to never doThe life that Zech and Levi falls into is one that they cant seem to find their way out of A terrible feeling c.

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Esther did her best as a single mother to raise her children where they would be close to God and know that He would always Keep them covered as long as they believed in Him When a tragic event occurs everyones faith ends up being tested including EsthersLeviticus and Zechariah moved away from home hoping to escape the world they were familiar with The familiar setting haunted them daily and they had to escape Z.

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