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Hrewd and even crafty politician Isaacson doesn t shy from enumerating Franklins occasional peccadilloes and shortcomings in keeping with the iconoclastic nature of our time none of which however stops him from considering Benjamin Franklin the most accomplished American of his age and one of the most admirable of any era And heres one bit of proof as a young man Ben Franklin regularly went without food in order to buy books His example as always is a good one and this is just the book to buy with the proceeds from the grocery budget Gregory McNameeMost people s mental image of Ben Franklin is that of an aged man with wire rim glasses and a comb over flying a kite in a thunder storm or of the spirited face that stares back from a one hundred dollar bill Isaacson s Kissinger biography do.

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Benjamin Franklin writes journalist and biographer Walter Isaacson was that rare Founding Father who would sooner wink at a passer by than sit still for a formal portrait What s Isaacson relates in this fluent and entertaining biography the revolutionary leader represents a political tradition that has been all but forgotten today one that prizes pragmatism over moralism religious tolerance over fundamentalist rigidity and social mobility over class privilege That broadly democratic sensibility allowed Franklin his contradictions as Isaacson shows Though a man of lofty principles Franklin wasn t shy of using sex to sell the newspapers he edited and published though far from frivolous he liked his toys and his mortal pleasures and though he sometimes gave off a simpleton image he was a s.

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Es much to remind us of Franklin s amazing depth and breadth At once a scientist craftsman writer publisher comic sage ladies man statesman diplomat and inventor Franklin not only wore many hats but in many cases did not have an eual The most intriguing thing he invented and continued to reinvent according to Isaacson was himself Three time Tony winner Gaines has an obvious interest and affinity for the material His delivery of Isaacson s factual yet fascinating biography is informative and friendly with an instructional yet casual tone like that of a gregarious narrator of an educational film All things considered Gaines is a good match for the material He has the authority to deliver historical facts and the enthusiasm to keep listeners interestedCopyright Reed Business Information In.