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Read & Download Amazon.com: Humanity (9780691181523): Weiwei Ai, Larry Warsh: Books

Writings on human life and the refugee crisis by the most important political artist of our timeAi Weiwei b is widely known as an artist across media sculpture installation photography performance and architecture He is also one of the world s most important artist activists and a powerful documentary filmmaker His work and art call attention to attacks on democracy and free speech abuses of human rights and human di.

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Amazon.com: Humanity (9780691181523): Weiwei Ai, Larry Warsh: Books

E for the voicelessSelect uotations from the bookThis problem has such a long history a human history We are all refugees somehow somewhere and at some momentAllowing borders to determine your thinking is incompatible with the modern eraArt is about aesthetics about morals about our beliefs in humanity Without that there is simply no artI don t care what all people think My work belongs to the people who have no voic.

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Splacement often on an epic international scaleThis collection of uotations demonstrates the range of Ai Weiwei s thinking on humanity and mass migration issues that have occupied him for decades Selected from articles interviews and conversations Ai Weiwei s words speak to the profound urgency of the global refugee crisis the resilience and vulnerability of the human condition and the role of art in providing a voic.

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