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D I read through both again to find if there is something that sets This is Street Art apart from its predecessors except the obvious of course I m happy to inform you that there isn t They found the perfect formula to document and uestion what is happening and to provoke the mind Arden de RaaijJust who decides which doors are closed in our world and whose interests do they serve Do we wish to be kept in the dark permanentl.


Beauty in Decay: Urbex

Street art is exciting We know that but we might be so deep in it that we forget it every once in a while Untitled III reminds us It also reminds us that we re far from there yet Wherever there might be To take some words from the book Street art is ill defined street art is a thin line between good and evil street art is the occasional stroke of genius CYFE magazineNow I m lucky enough to have part I and II here as well an.

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Y safe free from either harm or adventure For all of us there is a deep attraction to be found in opening these doors They open a rift in our collected experiences and throw new light on the boundaries we ve all been forced to accept There is only one way to find out what s hidden behind these barriers Sit back hold on and surrender to your imagination as we unlock the door to an extraordinary unseen world of beauty in deca.

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