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Beware The Riptide

S once spirits are summoned they are very hard to banish; it takes much magical powers to return the spirit to a body Corrie learns resurrection goes against the laws of Nature which only brings torment to friends and family members Can they save their town from horrible murders When someone dies you must leave their spirit alon

Summary Beware The Riptide

The Riptide was a very dangerous place to surf Anyone who tried it was either an idiot or a fool Josh Wentworth and his good friend Robby could not believe it when their daredevil friend Billy dared to take the risk and was sadly swept out to sea Josh blames himself for Billy’s untimely demise and soon finds a way to ease his

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Guilt Coming across a book on the occult; Josh Robby and their friend Corrie try to resurrect To their astonishment they think succeedMysterious deaths in the neighborhood lead them to believe Billy has returned to the living for a watery revenge or has he Corrie and Josh realized what they had possibly done to Billy was wrong a

About the Author: Deborah McClatchey

Deborah was born and raised in California She loves to write stories about teens and horror Romance with twists of suspense Erotica is a sideline that can be uite deliciousHer romances run along the lines of a Lifetime Movie For Women Grab a cup of tea or even a martini sit back and enjoy the ride

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