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The Barnes Noble ReviewEver make a stupid comment or joke or say something you obviously didn't mean Of course you have we all have Was it ever taken out of context Written in the wake of some highly publicized school shootings Big Mouth Ugly Girl takes a look at the shock waves that emanate from an overheard comment muttered in sarcasm and the overzealous reaction of the school and surrounding community that follows High school junior Matt Donaghy is considered an okay guy He gets good grades writes for the school paper is in the Drama Club and is known for his. Ugly Girl is a high school student aka Ursula Riggs who has built up walls around herself Walls that protect her from the insensitivity of others including her own disinterested family and from changes and emotions that she doesn t want to or can t deal with in her life Ugly Girl isn t afraid of anyone and doesn t care what anyone thinks about her She has black or fiery moods and depends on no one but herself She s a WarriorBig Mouth is another high school student a boy named Matt Donaghy who talks too much and sometimes says things that he shouldn t words spill out of him without thinkingWhen Big Mouth innocently jokes about bombing his school he uickly learns the conseuences of speaking without thinking and sees his life turned upside down as he s suspended from school and investigated by the police He learns who his real friends are Strangely enough one of them turns out to be Ugly GirlAs she comes to his aid they learn a lot from each other Ursula a loner reaches out to Matt to do what she believes is right And in turn Matt reaches back and helps Ursula to reconnect with things and people that she s left behindIn this novel written for young adults by Joyce Carol Oates everything extraneous is stripped away as two unlikely friends figure out what really matters and they change from kids to young adults and not the easy wayI thought it was pretty well written although at times Oates terminology and slang seemed like how she thought high school students would act and speak rather than how they really would sometimes the dialogue seemed a little stilted to me Also I found it a little lacking in depth and the story lines wrapped up somewhat tidily at the end I think that in a really good young adult novel these issues can be dealt with in a way that doesn t seem like the author is taking things down a notch for the audience teens rather than adults and I found this novel wasn t uite at that level I also wish Matt s character had been better developed because Ursula s character pretty much blew him out of the waterThere were definitely gems though I loved this part by Ugly Girl Life consist of facts and facts are of two kinds Boring and CrucialI figured this out for myself in eighth grade Wish I could patent itA Boring Fact is virtually any fact that doesn t concern you Or it s just trivial A nothing fact Like the annual rainfall in let s say Bolivia Crucial to the Bolivians but Boring to everyone elseI know the Crucial Facts of Ugly Girl s life are Boring Facts to others Yet to Ugly Girl they are CrucialThere s one test of a Crucial Fact It hurtsAll in all a pretty good coming of age novel dealing with freedom or the lack of speech and the ramifications of speaking carelessly in a world of zero tolerance policies

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Said even though her parents instruct her to mind her own business But even if Ursula can help Matt clear up this misunderstanding will life at Rocky River High School ever be the same again In her first novel for young adults acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates delivers a striking story about friendship family community support betrayal and self confidence This powerful novel makes us think carefully about what we say to whom we say it and what we mean After closing this book you'll ask yourself the same uestion I did What if I'd said such a thing Michele D Thoma. This book really surprised me At first I thought the title was describing one person I liked how the novel didn t read in a linear chronological fashion I also liked how it kept switching point of view It kept things interesting not that this story needed livening up I completely identified with Ursula and Ugly Girl and was uite satisfied as a reader to watch through the course of the novel how Ursula mastered Ugly Girl and was able to use her to make situations better for those around her I also was able to identify with Matt even though he was acuitted the hell really began for him after he returned to school I completely understood his downfall and was royally ticked at the school cops and principal for putting him through that ordeal At the same time in today s world everyone is so paranoid that even a joke like Matt s can uite easily be taken the wrong way

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Witty if immature humor Students and teachers seem to like him But one day he says something that makes a few classmates think he's out to bomb the school The school principal is notified the police are called in and rumors are abuzz Even his buddies doubt his innocence and none of the guys come forward in his defense There is however someone else who overheard Matt's statement and understood his mocking intent School renegade Ursula Riggs or Ugly Girl as she refers to herself doesn't know Matt very well but reveals what she heard and the context in which it was. Joyce Carol Oates Big Mouth and Ugly Girl Harper 2002Okay I admit it I m a sucker for books like this Boy meets girl Boy loses girl Boy gets girl into pickle Boy gets girl out of pickle Boy gets pickle into girl They all live happily ever afterNow turn that formula on its headBig Mouth is Matt Donaghy class clown Popular guy suddenly arrested one afternoon as a suspect in a bomb scare Ugly Girl is Ursula Riggs captain of the basketball team anything but popular a witness to the events surrounding Matt being a suspect As with many high school kids Ursula and Matt know each other by sight but have never really talked Still Ursula feels compelled to go to Matt s defense immediately sparking rumors that the two of them are an item Which is ludicrous right Despite Ursula s growing feelings for Matt that seem to be reciprocated when she can pull her head out of her posterior long enough to noticeIn other words your basic coming of age novel Which is all well and good but well this is Joyce Carol Oates we re talking about And this is the first Oates novel I ve read that s missing the common Oates and Rosamond Smith too thread the overwhelming sense of dread and despair that culminates in the horror of human tragedy The house burning in Beasts The child molestation in Cybele The son killing his father in A Garden of Earthly Delights Teddy Kennedy plunging off the Chappauiddick bridge in Black Water Oates novels end with a massive display of human tragedy fireworks don t they Well they all have up till now Oates fans will be expecting the other shoe to drop and will likely be sorely disappointedNot to say the ending that s here is bad it s just well somewhat predictableWhat is classic Oates in this novel are the characters and their development Oates is a master at subtleties of character and Ursula Riggs is one of the most real high school students to come along in a novel in a very long time She alone is worth the price of admission all the other good stuff is just icing on the cake

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    Ugly Girl is a high scho

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    Give this book to every tween and teen you know Adults you should read it too It's a fast read a day or two at most and the pages are filled with a sparse honest prose that creates two characters who somehow manage

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    Big mouth and Ugly girl was not really a good book at all in my opinion Ursula was just an annoying character that needs to get over herself and just drop her tough girl act The fact that the guy got in trouble for saying something was really ridiculous as well I thought the story in the beginning was interesting until it began to repeat itself Since the story is so fast pace it just goes on and on and doesn't make se

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    Joyce Carol Oates Big Mouth and Ugly Girl Harper 2002Okay I admit it I'm a sucker for books like this Boy meets girl Boy lo

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    The first time I ever heard about BIG MOUTH UGLY GIRL was on the lovely Shannon Hale's website a few years ago I was browsing around and ran across a list of her book recommendations This one was on the YA non fantasy list and the title caught my eye So I hunted down a copy at my local bookstore and went home with it Something about her description of why she liked it made me certain it was worth buying sight unseen I must have f

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    Sucked at first but it turned out pretty well in the end

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    I had high hopes for this book I hadn't heard much about it but it sounded great and Joyce Carol Oates is a renowned author I haven't read any of her adult novels but I do know a few of her essays and some of her poetry Big Mouth Ugly Girl might not be all that hypable but I was expecting a uiet gem one of those unassuming but good books But sadly that is not what I gotThe feel of this book is very immature which surprised me s

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    Have you ever made a joke that got you into a lot of trouble? It's seems funny as it's coming out of your mouth but when an unintended person overhears the joke you realize that you've gone too far? That's what happens to Matt one of the main characters in Big Mouth Ugly Girl Matt makes a joke that actually gets him arrested by the police you'll have to read to find out what the joke is After the joke his life starts to fall ap

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    This book really surprised me At first I thought the title was describing one person I liked how the novel didn't read in a linear chronological fashion I also liked how it kept switching point of view It kept things interesting not that this

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    Joyce Carol Oates is a wonderful author and even when she writes an apparent young adult novel it is very fulfilling even for a general audien