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Of the Beat Generation was born in Lowell Massachusetts in and died in St Petersburg Florida in Among his many novels are On the Road The Dharma Bums Big Sur and Visions of CodyGeorge Condo is a painter and sculptor who has exhibited extensively in both the United States and Europe He has received an Academy Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

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In and as he wandered around America Jack Kerouac jotted down spontaneous prose poems or sketches as he called them on small notebooks that he kept in his shirt pockets The poems recount his travelsNew York North Carolina Lowell Massachusetts Kerouacs birthplace San Francisco Denver Kansas Mexicoobservations and meditations on art and life The poems are often.

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Strung together so that over the course of several of them a little storyor travelogueappears complete in itself Published for the first time Book of Sketches offers a luminous intimate and transcendental glimpse of one of the most original voices of the twentieth century at a key time in his literary and spiritual developmentJack Kerouac the central figure.