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Thtaking adventure and romance of Viking love in this thrilling bundle which includes Ice Maiden by Debra Lee Brown The Viking's Captive by Julia Byrne and A Moment's Madness by Helen Kirkma.

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Captured By a Viking Bundle

A fierce warrior race from a frozen land the Vikings gloried in battle and lived for conuest But for the Vikings in these three exciting tales the greatest battle of all is the the one to co.

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Nuer the desires of their own hearts Forced to surrender to the power of love they soon discover their capacity for tendernessand sizzling passion to melt the coldest heart Discover the brea.

3 thoughts on “Captured By a Viking Bundle

  1. says:

    Overall 2 stars Ice Maiden was the best of the three novels in this anthology and sadly Helen Kirkman's last tale the one I looked f

  2. says:

    Two of the three held my interest I could've done without the wordiness of the third

  3. says:

    last book wasn't that great but the first two were really good

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