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Carnal Magic

Elaine didn't think she would ever find a man she wanted as much as late fianc Tom But her spell to bring Tom back to life backfires conjuring instead a hands.

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Ome stranger who calls himself Ell and insists that Elaine really seeks passionand that he can offer it to her For three nights Ell will use all his power to.

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Seduce her If he fails to arouse her he will take her to Tom But if Ell succeeds Elaine will discover mind numbing pleasure that she never could have imagined.

  • ebook
  • Carnal Magic
  • Christine McKay
  • English
  • 15 October 2018
  • 9781426841774

About the Author: Christine McKay

Christine McKay was born and raised in northeastern Wisconsin graduated in a class of less than 54 students and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at a local college taught mostly by nuns She is the oldest in her family with two brothers and one sisterChristine lives on a farm with her husband and an assortment of four legged creatures including goats mules dogs rabbits cats

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    My favorite bookThis book is one of the first books I read on my first reader nook bn and I love this story so much that I have read it about five times and I still enjoy the storyline Elaine is broken hearted cause her fiancee dies and she misses him so much that she wants to bring him back to her I'm not going to say what happe

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