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Nicholas has gone back to fulfill his duty leaving Tess by herself Dara left the White Knight's demesne and found love with a wood sprite but her chosen is threatened by a young girl accusing him of attempting to molest her and Dara seeks Tess's help to improve their live.

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Changes 8

Get rid of herSafely returning from that journey she finds herself repeatedly called to her demesne for hazardous tasks some of them the result of Cassius's interference Some the result of Fil's pride and angerA prince ends up dead and this one doesn't make King Ral happ.


S and prove him innocent Outside her jurisdiction Romanas attempt to steal her steed She gathers her Invisible Knights to journey into the land of the Norse where many Lokis run rampantAfter she helps Dara she returns to her demesne to find Fil has amped up his efforts to.

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