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    This book is not good This book has no structure is rambling and painfully repetitive draws key conclusions from broad sweeping and unsubstantiated generalizations and all but random anecdotes and statistics is incredibly nationalistic and even a bit racistI started reading it hoping to learn the history of the development of the solar indus

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    Hejun's book is really a piece of Chinese propaganda poorly written with a political message

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Free read ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó Li Hejun

In the solar industryThe author covers all the important issues from the vantage points of the economy society industry and business He explores current and future strategies.

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China's New Energy Revolution

China's Solar Powered Revolution China's New Energy Revolution explains how China can tackle its energy bottleneck and achieve a sustainable peaceful rise by taking the lead.

Free read ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó Li Hejun

Policies and measures that China must take in this round of the new industrial revolution Finally he explains why he believes China will lead the world in the solar industry.