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    أوكيأعتراف خطيرقبل قراءة الكتاب كنت Chocoholic لكل الأسباب الخاطئةيعني إلي يبي يعرف بالتفصيل يقرا الجزء الي تحترفيو ما قبل القراءةوللتوضيحرفيو ماقبل القراءة عادة يكون موجود لو كنت

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    This book is every chocoholic's must read In it the author writes about the history of chocolate or even better chocolate trough history the author also explains the process of chocolate making from cultivating the cocoa plant to the final product chocolate The author wrote a chapter about positive and negative influences of choc

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History of chocolate and explains the production of cocoa and chocolate from the cacao bean There are hints on how to enjoy it as if you needed them its possible hidden health properties as well as recopies – sweet and savoury Most people stick with the chocolate they know and love but trying a new chocolate variety could be revelation; it may even change your li.



The history of chocolate being consumed as a beverage can be traced back to over 1500 years ago when the indigenous people of south and Central America included it as an important part of their societies It has been used as currency a bitter drink to keep up strength and also as an offering to appease the GodsHowever the chocolate that we know and love today did no.

REVIEW ↠ MUCID.ME Ï Margaret Briggs

T come about until centuries later when sugar was added and milk chocolate was an even later invention Over the years chocolate has been seen as a naughty treat but if you choose the right kind it could possibly have good effects than bad Early consumers even believed it was aphrodisiac Montezuma the Aztec king was certainly convinced by it This book gives a brief.