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This magnificent book is devoted to the art of the finishing touch those all important details that transform an ordinary interior into a very special stylish placeWritten by an inspired designer who is also an authority on fine arts and antiues this elegant and accessible book is a visual lexicon brimming with design ideas and underpinned by a well informed practical textBringing together the very best of Classic.

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Classic Decorative Details

Glass and ceramics find out how to use rugs and throws for maximum effect how to hang pictures display leather bound books and make dramatic impact with flowers and fruit There are also ideas for accessoriing outdoor areas with a confident touchIllustrated with over exuisite photographs here is a wealth of inspirational ideas and down to earth advice adding up to an indispensable sourcebok of timeless classic tast.

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European and American style The Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill shows what to look for how and where to find good pictures fabrics and objets d art at reasonable cost and how best to use and display them There is sound advice too on the care and repair of everythnig from chandeliers and antiue mirrors to a collection of old teddy bearsWith the help of this book you can become an instant expert on collecting silver.