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Contents Cyberknights novella by Harold Coyle reports from the front lines of the information war where cyberpunks are recruited to combat the growing swarm of hackers who orchestrate online terrorism around the world There Is No War in Melnica novella by Ralph Peters in the war torn Balkan states where a US Army observer sent to keep an eye on the civil war is taken on a guided tour of the country at gunpoint captured by the very people he w

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Combat Vol 3 Combat

As sent to monitor and learns how far people will go for their idea of freedom CaV novella by James Cobb pits a lone US Ard Cavalry unit against an aggressive Algerian recon division in an attempt to protect a defenseless African nation Flight of Endeavour novella by R J Pineiro goes to the far reaches of space where a terrorist holds the world captive from a nuclear euipped space platformTo stop him a pilot agrees to fly her space shuttle on

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Combat 3 a selection of stories originally published in Combat a 10 novella 2001 anthology edited by Stephen Coonts from authors whose novels define the military fiction genre come together to reveal how war will be fought in the 21st century A landmark work depicting war as it is and soon will be the shape of war to come with the down and dirty groundpounders of the USabout the men and women willing to put their lives on the line for freedom

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