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BEST SELLER   REVERSE CURE YOUR OWN YOUR PET’S CATARACTS   You may have cataracts if Your eyes are sensitive to light and glare especially when you’re in out the sun or looking into the headlights of oncoming cars You find it increasingly difficult to see at night You see “halos” around lights Your vision is clouded blurred or dim Colors seem to be faded yellow brown or red tinged Your depth perception is “off” You have difficulty reading You have double vision in a single eye You freuently change your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptionCATARACT SURGERY IS the most commonly performed surgery in the world today It numbers 3 million yearly in the US alone Of these serious complications such as retinal detachment corneal edema.

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Curing Your Own Cataracts

Or the need for a cornea transplant will claim around 27000 individuals And within two years 30% to 50% of those having had cataract extraction will develop opacification cloudiness of the posterior lens capsule that will reuire further laser treatment which may result in even complications including increased eye pressure But cataract Surgery Can be Avoided   In this book you will learn about Aging and cataracts Cataract surgery and how to avoid it Herbs to reverse cataracts Cataract eye drops Pinhole glasses for cataracts Nutrition for eye health Advancing cataracts How to avoid cataracts Color and light therapy for cataracts Natural low level radiation stones to reverse cataracts Cataract eye drops for dogs Cataract eye drops for cats.

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Senile cataracts   What Readers Are Saying Put the knife away Curing Your Own Cataracts lays out the alternatives to surgery to reverse and stop the advancement of cataracts This book is well written well referenced and FULL of valuable information I have learned so much about eye care prevention of cataracts and removing them without surgery by reading this book There are NO books as complete as this one This engaging and comprehensive book is testament to how far alternative medicine has come in recent years   Scroll Up to BUY NOW and Start Reading Today SEARCH FOR MORE AGE REVERSING BOOKS by JULIA M BUSCH Natural Skin Care Books Natural Facelift Books Alternative Medicine Books just type in Julia M Busch into the Kindle search box ?.

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    uick info that you haven't triedMany informative ideas and explanations that aren't on most people's radars Take your eye he

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    Very informativeMust read if you have cataracts Much information you may not know about unless you read this book Natural alternatives to surgery

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    Great information was very helpfulI read seeking knowledge and I found itSimply down to earth and informative would read it several times over