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Addy lessonsJoe didn't need anybody telling him how to be a good fatherespecially not Savannah Why he was just about to fire his sassy sexy secretary when she captured his.

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Daddy Lessons

Savannah Starr's new boss Joe McCann was a rugged blue eyed hunk But the man didn't know a thing about raising a childso Savannah decided it was her job to give Joe some d.

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Daughter's heart Joe couldn't deny that he needed some help on the homefront But he'd already learned his lesson about love and no woman was going to steal his heart agai.

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    This is a fun uick read Joe's getting than he bargained from his temporary secretary she's like a tidal wave that swept him on a wacky but magical journey When she meets Joe Savannah instinctually knows this is a man who desperately needs to learn about dreams and how let go and reach for them Helping Joe with his teenage daughter is just a start for her to wiggle herself into his heart

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    Daddy LessonsWhen a divorced father gets to have his teenage daughter live with him after many years he is in for a large learning curve Our into place his new temp in the office who has managed to win his daughter with just a few words of encouragement His job is high risk but is he afraid to take it in his pers

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    15 stars

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