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Enez merge with the attitude of the Grant Morrison and Philip Bond masterpiece of teenage revolt Kill Your. I m honestly not sure what I thought about this after I finished it but I ll warn potential readers that this isn t exactly light reading I have to say that while this wasn t what I was expecting exactly I was just left a little underwhelmed at the end of it allI started out really digging the feel of this comic The artwork is pretty good It suited the initial feel of the characters while not being overly polished When the artists start bringing in the flashy stuff later on it s actually to a rather nice effect I believe that this is because initially we re to believe that this is a simple little world where everything is exactly as it seems to be with the stranger artwork coming in only after revelations about said world begin to start sinking in to the various unnamed characters in the story Art wise this was great Story wise this was just OK I m going to try to keep from being too spoilerific but I ll warn you that I might accidentally let some story line spill in my attempts to explain why I felt disappointed by thisWe re thrown rather abruptly into the story line with little to no information about our youthful characters other than they re teenagers that are pretty disillusioned with the educational system A few of them are dating but that s pretty much all we re ever really given about them We don t even get their names This actually works in the comic s favor for the most part since the point of this comic is that it s not supposed to be a big epic where just as much time is spent on fleshing out back stories as it is telling the bigger story I wouldn t be lying if I said that it also kept me from fully sinking into the characters as much as I wanted toI think what the ultimate problem with this is that it just feels like it s trying too hard to tell its message We have themes of anarchy reality and disillusionment but I felt like I was being clubbed over the head with the message The revelations here are interesting which is why I was so disappointed in how heavy handed and preachy everything felt The ah ha moment just didn t have the momentum to go through the entire issue In the end I couldn t help but feel that the characters were essentially being just as obtuse as the people they were trying to uprise against The book relies too heavily on the idea that the message here is so novel and interesting that we ll just keep goingUltimately this wasn t bad and I appreciate that the comic team was taking a risk in trying to make something of this nature It s just that this sort of thing has been done before and done better People who are entirely new to these types of comics will likely embrace this comic and I encourage them to do so There s a good idea here For the ones who are familiar with surreal comics that deal with reality like this you ll just get a feeling of been there done that already replaced the t shirt a few times It s worth reading for the nice artwork and for introducing someone to surreal challenge what you know comics but you ll want to have backup stuff to show them that there are better things out there3 out of 5 starsARC provided by Netgalley

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Guns Acid Cameras School The themes behind the controversial Hellblazer Shoot by Warren Ellis and Phil Jim. Excellent book but not an easy read I believe Kot is going to be the next Grant Morrison

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Boyfriend deliver a story of magic passion and disinformation Wild Children A different type of education. Everything Guns Illegal Substances Lies Love Seems Maybe No Panel Theory Theoretically What Message Transmission Haunt Breathe Kiss Rotten Smile Life Change New It ends Breathing Camera Gutter Nothing WILD CHILDREN Ales Kot Riley RossmoI do not hide my profound admiration for Ales Kot a writer who covers topics that interest me and always come in a package that I find enormously attractive for their experimental approach and exploitation of the capabilities of comics as a medium To analyze this opera prima I will refer to what I said in my review of the first volume of Zero Wild Children is a psychotropic fable about the creative emotional sexual and destructive explosion that involves reaching adolescence breaking the child s world but still refusing to accept the rules and responsibilities of the adult world Critics soon presented Kot as the second coming of Grant Morrison as they tend to do every time drugs and relevance pretenses are mixed when presenting a story in comic form This was obviously a vague description of a work that has multiple layers but that was not the place to break them off Now we ll understand where does the Grant Morrison mention come from and what is that pretense of relevance Before proceeding further let s make clear that this is a little work of just over 50 pages so talking about it without incurring in spoilers is complicated but doubly so if we also speak of a conceptual piece whose non plot can be summarized in a post it a group of teenagers takes control of their school and through dialogues with their teachers and unidirectional dialogues not exactly monologues but we ll get to it through security cameras they are trying to reveal the discovery of a huge secret to the worldWith this description and knowing the short length of the book the logical reaction is to think about irrelevance to think we are facing yet another story about teenage rebellion But as I just explained Wild Children is a conceptual than narrative kind of story so facts do not matter much or anything compared to how they are presented And here comes the inevitable spoiler the great truth they have learnt and are intended to convey to their world is that they are all actually characters in a comic bookSuch a revelation lends itself to lots of considerations from the characters about what life and being alive means the inexistence of death the finiteness of space the relativity of time reality and appearance the bidimensionality of non being the ability to feel and create art and how it is capturedThe metaphysical weight of this comic is powerful dense with its brevity supplementing a high concentration of ideas Therefore reflection plays a very important role for this conceptual density but never through long philosophical speeches but small pills of wisdom hidden in short sentences graphic details and enviable visuals by Riley Rossmo giving in to all the experimental madness posed by Ales KotKot loves to experiment with the possibilities of the medium and here commissions a plethoric Riley Rossmo to carry out this exploitation of the comic book format The apparently unfinished style with stains and undeleted lines in the somehow normal part of the story is clearly sought to accentuate the effect of what they are revealing to us That is to say nothing is what it seems and most of the flaws are intentionalOf course where Rossmo shines most accompanied by the great job of colorist Gregory Wright is precisely in the meta comic meta literary seuences That is where the comic is conscious of being a comic a living entity responding to what the writer the artist and the characters themselves reuire of it to recount the events and demonstrate their conclusions although LSD helps literally and figurativelyThat was the reason for most of the superficial criticism comparing it right away to Grant Morrison s work the epitome of drugs meta literary games in the world of mainstream comics yet not the only one and now even less Kot himself mentions among the handful of influences referenced in the book The Invisibles so he does not deny the influence but no one can assert that Wild Children is not a highly personal comic linked to the author s concernsIn other words if you have already enjoyed a comic book by Ales Kot or felt sexually attracted to the premise of one of them you will be absorbed by Wild Children it will digest you and return you to the world as a different reader but only if you partake in the game it proposesThis pure undistilled unfiltered Ales Kot Do not expect to understand it on the first attempt since the initial reaction is and should be What the fuck did I just read The mandatory re reading will clarify your ideas and enrich the psychotropically enlightening experience that is Wild Children Meanwhile I ll be waiting on the other side of the mirrorPS Wild Children is the first part of a thematic trilogy that Ales Kot decided to call The Suicide Trilogy whose second part will be drawn by Christian WardOriginally published in Revering Comic Books

  • Paperback
  • 64
  • Wild Children
  • Aleš Kot
  • English
  • 17 June 2019
  • 9781607065814

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    Excellent book but not an easy read I believe Kot is going to be the next Grant Morrison

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    This is my first time reading a Ales Kot comic and I have to sayThis is different than what I usually read After I read it I didn't know what to think for awhile I'm still left in confusion It's odd and what I do like about it is that it makes you think Most comics that I read don't give me that kind of luxury I

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    what the frick is wrong with this book

  4. says:

    I'm honestly not sure what I thought about this after I finished it but I'll warn potential readers that this isn't exactly light r

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    There is a lot that can be and has been said about Ales Kot's Wild Children and I'm not really going to be the one to say it I actually dreaded reading this book for awhile because in my comic book community Kot is seen as a pretentious pompous indulgent asshole Though when I look at his interviews or look at his tumblr th

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    WTH did I just read?Meant to be thought provoking I guess but ended up being bloody confusingAdding the line 'I know what you're saying This doesn't make any sense' at the end of the narrative doesn't get you off the hook Ugh

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    This is a post modern deconstructionist critiue of modern society youth and media in the form of a prestige format comicb

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    Everything Guns Illegal Substances Lies Love Seems Maybe No Panel Theory Theoretically What Message Transmission Haunt Bre

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    My review of wunderkind comics writer Ales Kot's graphic novel Change was sufficiently scathing that I did not even repost it to my Wordpress site In short I found his work derivative and emptily trendy an instance of the so called '90s revival His earlier book Wild Children—his first graphic novel—embraces his influences totally Not only does the dialogue reference the works of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison but footnotes direct the r

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    I read it I liked it a lot I feel that most of the things it was talking about are things I've spent many years being about thinking about as I think a lot of our generation has I think it's a smarter leaner Invisibles and something which should age very well because of how fractal it is I feel that it can be s

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