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Strange things began to occur to everyone around her she had discovered a book with an enchanting phrase; a phrase that would change everythingNo one could explain the sudden apparition of a woman and the mesmerizing words she spoke B.

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Desolate Pages

Ut what did those tantalizing words mean Soon Mariel would find herself along with Mr Bennington searching for clues and answers to the mystery of the phantom What secrets would be revealed in the desolate pages of the phantom's diary.

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Sixteen year old Mariel Taylor was tired of being ignored No one paid her any attention as she struggled to fit in She believed there was a book somewhere that could teach her how to be popularas though it were some sort of magic But.

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    This Was TerribleI should've expected it to be after reading the first chapter and going Someone put this main character out of my misery and I should've uit then but I told myself It's short And I'm sure it'll get better The description was really interesting after all I was wrong I only got through this book because a friend of mine kept telling me Well you only have x pages left and because I didn't want to not finish two giveaway book

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    all begins when Mariel bought a book that proves Estre cursed This is the story of the adventures of each people close to herThe book is well written the characters are well described the story is not bad But I have not gone completely in history

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    I love it It was very intriguing and the ending has me wanting Bring on the seuel