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Dirty Mind Games

R die chicks by his side but suspicious enough his fiance Naomi doesn't share his vision nor direction of their empire with his new trusted circle Soon she finds herself fighting for than their investments when she learns the depth of his deceit and strong bond with Sydney Loyalty and love have no place in this gripping tale of sex intuition lies and manipulation; but all is revealed when new personalities step onto the scene determined to take over the leading rol.

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Ollable disorder They immediately become a reckoning force Trapped in a Borough filled to the brim with violence and pain Shelly Brittany and Sydney make a pact with Judas Mendez a malicious back stabbing rude boy in a bid to get out of East London's notorious Hackney projects as he relinuishes his crown as King Pen of the streetsJudas Mendez is tired of hustling under his father’s thumb and foolishly sets out to expand his drug business with his new found ride o.

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Six months after being discharged from The Clever field Mental Health Clinic and supposedly on the mend Sydney Henderson finds herself on the brink of self destruct Unable to escape the tragic events of her past she struggles to move forward amidst her multiple personalities that corrupt her mind institutionalizing her range of freedomSituations heighten when Brittany and Shelly her gorgeous yet scandalous childhood friends reunite with her and triggers her uncontr.

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  • Dirty Mind Games
  • Louise Payne
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  • 28 February 2019
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About the Author: Louise Payne

Louise Payne is a freelance writer who specializes in Street Fiction and Erotic novels Known for her vivid imagination and seductive development penning novels for her is just a walk in the park and her goal to spread her wings as an notable author is setting a trend overseas She is twenty seven and currently resides in East London where she pulls inspiration from her home town Hackney She w

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    Louise Payne tells a story based on loyalty and the underworld Sensi is a dirty cop who has many people on payroll including his son Judas Judas

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    Sydney Henderson is dealing with a warped sense of reality in Playing Dirty Mind Games by Louise Payne Sydney has a persona

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    The Life of a Chess GameJudas is the boss in the street and has the advantage over everything that is illegal due to his father Sensi Sensi is a detective who uses his son Judas to handle all of his unfinished street business Sensi uses his position as detective to play with everyone's life as if he is in a game of chess Judas is his pawn and he also employs Judas’ right hand man Essen to body anyone who owes him anything espe

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