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Ness the horrible future that she will createThe horrible future that only she can changeIn this thrilling Science Fiction short changing the world is a matter of changing yoursel.

CHARACTERS Divide By Alexandra Lanc

Divide By Alexandra Lanc

You know the story Mistakes are made and our main character is taken through time to see how the world would have changed if they were not in itBut Festivia isn't gone In fact her.

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World is just beginning now that she's out of school starting her life moving on Until she meets an Arios alien named Orìon on the train and Orìon takes her through time to wit.

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    Charles Dickens told his tale through the ghosts of Christmas past present and future Alexandra Lanc brings her confident schemer to the crossroads through an alien’s presence on a train an alien who looks with simultaneous abhorrence and adoration on the protagonist and whose gift is to reveal what the future holdsThe protagonist has a gift of persuasion and a future filled with promises of success Why waste time worrying about anyone

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