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Ariety of media and formats from daguerreotypes salted paper prints tintypes cyanotypes and albumen prints to stereo cards and photograph albums this volume traces the evolution of eastern landscape photography and introduces the artists who explored this subject Also considered are the dynamic ties with other media for instance between painters and photographers such as the Bierstadt and Moran brothers and the distinctive development of landscape photography in Americ.

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East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography

An important reconsideration of landscape photography in 19th century America exploring crucial but neglected geographies practitioners and themes Although pictures of the West have dominated our perception of 19th century American landscape photography many photographers were working in the eastern half of the United States during that period Their pictures with the exception of Civil War images have received relatively scant attention Redressing this imbalance is Eas.

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T of the Mississippi the first book to focus exclusively on the arresting eastern photographs that helped shape America s national identity Celebrating natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the White Mountains as well as capturing a cultural landscape fundamentally altered by industrialization these works also documented the impact of war promoted tourism and played a role in an emerging environmentalism Showcasing than 180 photographs from 1839 to 1900 in a rich v.

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    to help me teach my history of photography classes about this area of photography s endeavor.The book is thoroughly researched and well crafted.

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    This is the only record of a phenomenal show at The National Gallery which closes in mid July After that, to see it, you must go to New Orleans where it will be up through 2017 That s it, where else could you savor these very importan

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    After viewing a really great show at the National Gallery, we went to the bookstore gift shop to buy the catalog What a crushing disappointment Nearly all of the images have a yellow cast that was not present in the images in the exhibit, One of my favorite image from the show was by Hawes, This cool toned winter view, shot through