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Perspective on the continent's future Masterfully deploying arguments grounded in philosophy economics and strategy across a range of subjects; from capitalism to transformation agendas finance to fore.

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Emerging Africa

From In this thoughtful and elegantly written book Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu explodes the myths and conventional wisdoms about Africa's uest for economic growth in a globalised world with a paradigm shift.

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Ign investment and from innovation and human capital to world trade he demonstrates persuasively how Africa's progress in the 21st century will reuire nothing short of the reinvention of the African min.

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    Drawing upon not only economic but also philosophical and historical aspects Moghalu provides a thought provoking

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    An amazing piece of writing that deserves than 5 stars While not exactly light bed time reading the book is eye opening full of memorable uotes and goes well with my experience from living in AfricaIf you are into geo politics economics and developing nations in Africa pick it up

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    This book is written as a blueprint for how to get the economies of Africa growing and working for the African people It is written by an African and its main target appears to be Africans as well This offers a uniue and crucial perspective for someone like me a white guy from the US who is interested in this topic Mr Moghalu's book is incr