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Fingers For Her Friend

Des that being touched intimately by a stranger in public may be erotic than she initially thought But now she has to figure out how to make it happen And what will she do about Kayla's obsession with it As a budd

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Ing exhibitionist Sue enlists the help of her unsuspecting husband who ensures that others enjoy the new thoughts running through his wife's mind With a pornographic inspiration no one knows where the limits may l

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After finding her husband reading about fantasies that many women have Sue is upset with him and turns to her best friend Kayla to vent about it Sue learns that she might have over reacted and as a result she deci

About the Author: D. Spencer

Thank you for joining me to take a stroll through the gutters of my mindAll too freuently my imagination comes up with scenes of erotic debauchery torturing me mercilessly until I type them out and the result is what you see here Or am I recounting real events If only the walls could talkMy stories cover many genres and points of view told by different voices Please let me know what you

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