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Forged in Fire After the Burn #2

Hrills her Afraid to risk the carefully balanced relationship that exists between the four of them she fights her urges Until the cravings become too much and she’s forced to take actions into her own han.

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D Sasha Fuller take her under their wing For years she’s traveled beside him the little sister they’d do anything to protect Eight years afterward she finds herself wanting things that embarrassed and t.

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Orphaned thirteen year old Clara Hendrix found refuge in her parent’s small market after the apocalypse hits until a group of unlikely heroes discovered her Cousins Ben and Shaw Grahm and their best frien.

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3 thoughts on “Forged in Fire After the Burn #2

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    Continuing in the same world as “From the Ashes” we now get to read about another woman who has managed to escape the fate of being a play thingSasha Shaw and Ben have banded together They scavenge towns while searching for a safe place far away from all the chaos On one of their raids they stumble upon a girl who is no older than thirteen years She’s armed exhausted and wary of the three but Clara senses that th

  2. says:

    HotThis book was scorching I'm not usually into novellas but this one caught my attention The chemistry between the group was to hot to put down

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    This is part 2 from From The Ashes and it is just as intense This story is about Clara who was found by a group of men who took her in and protected her from the world that they are living in now men are in charge and woman are the money that is used to get what you want The men who find her are cousins Ben and Shaw and their best f

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