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E with his new friends Indra and Airavata the six tusked white elephant Harsha sees so many amazing things a wish fulfilling tree a pot of never ending gold and a potion that keeps him healthy Then Indra thinks of a naughty plan to steal Vas.

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Fun in Devlok

Why was Indra an unhappy godWhat are the many magical things Indra has in paradiseWill Indra ever find happinessLittle Harsha was sad so a cloud flew him up to Indra's palace just to show Harsha that the king of gods was sadder than him Ther.

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Ishta's cow When he catches Indra a very angry Vasishta tells him the secret to being happy And no it has nothing to do with ice creams video games or wish fulfilling treesBut will the king of gods learn his lesson finally and stop being sad.

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    In Indra Finds Happiness a little boy Harsha feels that he is the unhappiest person on earth and a cloud tells him that Indra the king of the Devas is unhappier than him The cloud then takes him to heaven on a cloud He meets Indra who shows him his six tusked white elephant Airavata; the giant wish fulfilling tree in his garden Kalpataru; his jewel Chintamani; his overflowing pot Akshaya Patra; his jar of magi

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    Good for the age group 6 Indian mythology retold for the modern age children

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