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characters Hollywood and Anticommunism

This work concentrates on tracing the evolution of the so called red menace phenomenon as a means of demonstrating the correlation between growing American paranoia and the success of the anticommunist campaign 1935 1955 The House Committee on Un American Activities 1947 investigation of Hollywood the nation's most visible industry served a critical role in conjuring up anti red hysteria.

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Hollywood and Anticommunism

And fanning the flames of virulent anticommunism Using conveniently unjust tactics the Committee painted targeted Hollywood personalities red and established the infamous blacklist certified proof in the minds of many that subversives were indeed conspiring from within A failed attempt on behalf of the Hollywood Ten to demonstrate the Committee s undemocratic nature allowed HUAC to forge.

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Ahead with its investigation and establish the anticommunist foundation upon which Joseph McCarthy would construct his campaign Hollywood and Anticommunism stands as an important contribution to McCarthy era literature and should appeal to all interested in the early Cold War and the impact that unwarranted hysteria has had and continues to have on the growth and development of the nation.