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Up with the family of her dreams In “Home Again” by Victoria Bylin Cassie O’Rourke comes face to face with town sheriff and her former love Gabe Wyatt when her troublemaking son vandalizes the local church The honorable lawman offers to help tame her wild child if he can come courting For the love of her son dare she entrust her heart.

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In a Mothers ArmsThe Widows Secret

To this man once The Widow’s Secret by Sara MitchellSecret Service agent Micah MacKenzie needs Jocelyn Tremayne’s help to uncover a conspiracy in New York City’s privileged circles But the she risks to help him the he sees the wrongly judged woman she truly is Now he’s determined to win her trust rekindle her belief and prove his lo.

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Three touching tales of love family and faithIn a Mother’s Arms by Jillian Hart and Victoria BylinIn “Finally a Family” by Jillian Hart widow Molly McKaslin won’t marry for less than true love But does handsome town doctor Sam Frost want a wife or a housekeeper for his daughters With the help of two little matchmakers Molly might end.