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Island sets Charlie on a path toward a mystery that threatens to change the world a mystery that involves the silent one man army known only as Infantry Who is Infantry What is his agenda Is he a hero of the peo.

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Ple or a pawn in a larger game Enter the secretive hordes of Nemesis Corporation America's greatest enemy Are Infantry and Nemesis connected More important will the world survive the coming conflict between the t.

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Yesterday Charlie Alexander was a regular guy living in a mundane world As an adjustor for the Terra Life Insurance Corporation his investigation of the mysterious destruction of a client's lab on a South Pacific.

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    It does get a point because it posits corporations as the greatest enemy of America not silly supervillians Casey has mined this idea much effectively in his Wildstorm Universe workThis was initially conceived by Devil's Due Publisher Josh Blaylock but it's a weak universe that never got off the ground It's not

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