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Man of His Word

Lve years Daniel has kept his promise to a terrified young mother Now Kimberly and her daughter deserve the truth But how can he break that long ago vow and stay true to who he is a man Kimberly can trustand lo.

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A promise made has to be a promise kept This small town in rural Georgia is where Kimberly Singleton hopes to find the answers that can save her adopted daughter's life Daniel Monroe is the key the charismatic.

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Firefighter is the one who helped bring her child into the world He's a good man from a loving family who makes Kimberly feel like she's finally found a safe haven But he won't give up his secret For almost twe.

About the Author: Cynthia Reese

Though she was a lifelong scribbler Cynthia Reese finished her first manuscript in 2005 as the result of a December 2004 New Year's Resolution That manuscript wound up tucked safely under her bedand she went on to write three manuscripts in 2005 one of which became The Baby Wait her first of four published novelsShe lives in rural Georgia with her husband and their daughter whom they a

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    Man Of His Word by Cynthia Reese 12 years ago an Amish woman came to the firehouse She had her baby there Daniel Monroe worked there and delivered the baby girl named Marissa The mother didn't want anyone to know the baby was hers She was giving the baby up for adoption She knew Daniel and made him promise not to tell any

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    I loved this book The mother only wanted to save her child The firefighter tried to help her and eventually everything came out even thought there was a lot of pain for all involved

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    Miniseries The Georgia Monroes

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