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Mandoa Mandoa

Unemployed and their friend Jean Stanbury loses her job on The Byeword a radical weekly paper How all three and others too find themselves in Mandoa for the wedding of the Royal Princess to her Arch archbishop is hilariously told in this wonderful satirical novel first published in 19.

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Sheffield telephones and handkerchiefs In short he has seen an apocalyptic vision – a new heaven and a new earthMeanwhile in England it is 1931 Maurice Durrant youngest director of Prince’s Tours Limited has won North Donnington for the Conservatives His socialist brother Bill is. Oh Winifred why were you taken from us so prematurely What delights could have been ours had your pen not been stilled What moments of joy and laughter could we have experienced had there been time for even one delightful novel I must admit that a story mostly set in a fictitious African country seemed than a world away from the Yorkshire Wolds I had grown accustomed to reading about in Winifred Holtby s novels I was a little unsure but I should have kept the faith As a varied group of English visitors descend upon the African state of Mandoa all with their own agendas they find a country on the verge of breaking with its traditions and joining the modern world The business people among them want to stake their claim the tourists want an authentic experience and all get than they bargained for This wonderfully comic book manages to satirise many aspects of the political world of the 1930s while not ignoring the worrying threats that were on the rise in Europe or the serious repercussions of the last faltering days of the British Empire Sometimes the characters and language can be uite shocking especially concerning the attitudes to women one of Winifred Holtby s themes in all her novels and to the people of her invented country This is an intriguing funny and highly enjoyable novel from a great novelist

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Mandoa is a small African state at its head a Virgin Princess conceiving immaculately further princesses The old traditions remain undisturbed until Mandoa’s Lord High Chamberlain Safi Tala visits Addis Ababa There he discovers baths and cocktail shakers motor cars and cutlery from. Funny but serious too Interesting looking back at the views of the time from the future perspective

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Winifred Holtby was a committed socialist and feminist who wrote the classic South Riding as a warm yet sharp social critiue of the well to do farming community she was born intoShe was a good friend of Vera Brittain possibly portraying her as Delia in The Crowded StreetShe died at the age of 37

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    Mandoa Mandoa By Winifred Holtby was published in 1933 and its story takes place between 1931 and 1933 in England and in the fictional country of Mandoa which supposedly borders Abyssinia Ethiopia now Somalia and Kenya Holtb

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    Funny but serious too Interesting looking back at the views of the time from the future perspective

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    Oh Winifred why were you taken from us so prematurely? What delights could have been ours had your pen not been stilled? What moments

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    This is a book that is hard to get hold of now and so although I would have preferred a virago edition of it to read I was glad of the chance to read it via kindle I really enjoyed this slightly unusual novel Written in the wake of the general election of 1931 and during the depression it is an enormously inte

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    Don't you just hate it when you've discovered a magnificent writer someone whose novels are right up there in the Pantheon and then she goes and writes something clunky? Mandoa Mandoa is Winifred Holtby's not very funny take on British Imperialism in a fictional African Land during the 1930s It had its moments its enjoyable chara

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    This is a really delightful book a satire I suppose about a small emerging African nation that is just discovering 20th century technology and luxuries

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    I'm not sure who exactly I would recommend this book to but I'd do it wholeheartedly What a bizarre hilarious and moving novel

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