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Mathematical Constants II

Ots and tangles continued fractions Galton Watson trees electrical capacitance from potential theory Zermelo's navigation problem and the optimal control of a pendulum Unsolved problems appear virtually everywhere as well This volume continues an outstanding scholarly attempt to bring together all significant mathematical constants in one pla.

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Famous mathematical constants include the ratio of circular circumference to diameter π 314 and the natural logarithm base e 2718 Students and professionals can often name a few others but there are many buried in the literature and awaiting discovery How do such constants arise and why are they important Here the author renews the search he.

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Began in his book Mathematical Constants adding another 133 essays that broaden the landscape Topics include the minimality of soap film surfaces prime numbers elliptic curves and modular forms Poisson Voronoi tessellations random triangles Brownian motion uncertainty ineualities Prandtl Blasius flow from fluid dynamics Lyapunov exponents kn.

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