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Perspective integrates biocultural environmental and evolutionary approaches to the study of human health Research by human biologists and paleopathologists illuminates the history and prehistory of disease while the work of cultural and applied anthropologists addresses contemporary health issues Celebrating the book’s 25th anniversary the Fourth Edition includes increas.

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Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective

The newest edition of the premier teaching text in medical anthropology is thoroughly revised to reflect new developments in the field Widespread awareness of emerging infectious diseases and global environmental change makes the ecological perspective of the McElroy Townsend text even relevant to students than when it was first published Medical Anthropology in Ecological.

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Ed coverage of emerging diseases evolutionary medicine the homeless health disparities and forensic anthropology New chapters treat reproduction and careers in applied medical anthropology New “Profiles” case studies on stress and toxic chemicals have been added and other profiles have been updated further augmenting the classroom friendly features the book is noted for.

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    Picked up the first edition of this text for a college sociology class way back in the day Now as a prof it is one of a handful of books from that era that I continue to find myself discussing with students Covers a broad range of topics with c

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    Never in my life did I think I would rate a textbook 5 stars But I did Not because I particularly enjoyed this textbook reading experience but because I didn't hate it the chapters were manageable and easy to understand I liked having a real

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