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Metaltown Where factories rule food is scarce and hope is in short supplyThe rules of Metaltown are simple work hard keep your head down and watch your back You look out for number one and no one knows that better than Ty She’s been surviving on the factory line as long as she can remember But now Ty has Colin She’s no longer alone; it’s the two of them against the world That’s. Les Mis meets the NewsiesPrepare to be destroyed basically

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Something even a town this brutal can’t take away from her Until it doesLena’s future depends on her family’s factory a beast that demands a ruthless master and Lena is prepared to be as ruthless as it takes if it means finally proving herself to her father But when a chance encounter with Colin a dreamer despite his circumstances exposes Lena to the conseuences of her actions s. Dear Kristen Simmonsyou get me okay I loved everything about this book and that s even though you made me cryFull ReviewIf I haven t told you this yet you are going to want to add Metaltown by Kristen Simmons to your to be read listshelf I am fairly certain I hit every single emotion while reading Metaltown and I can t even tell you everything There are so many things that I loved about this book and I am fairly certain that I won t be able to give it the justice it deserves in my review I m a rambler when I really enjoy a book Nevertheless I will do my best and definitely try not to spoil anything At its heart this story is about standing up for your beliefs family and friendship And when I say familythat doesn t always mean the family you are born to it can also be the people you choose as your own The characters at the heart of this story are Ty Colin and Lena They all have different backgrounds but ultimately end up together fighting for a better life for all Metaltown is a place where factories make all the rules and they are really only interested in making a profit Regardless of the conditions most people fight for a place on the factory lines because if you don t work you end up on the streets If you are living on the streets you could end up dead so working no matter what your age is the only ways people can survive If someone can provide value they are used however the factory foreman sees fit The Brotherhood is there to support the workers rights and is led by Jed Schultz but it is easy to see that Schultz is really only looking out for himself Ty really is my favorite character in this book I don t know what it was about her but from the first page of introduction to her I loved her She is not perfectnot even close and she did some things I didn t agree with and ultimately put her in a bad position but I could understand where she was coming from and why she did what she did Ty has been on her own for uite a while and when she vouched for Colin they became linked like family Even though Ty has Colin she is still very independent and tries to be as tough as she has to be to survive Underneath all the clothes and her toughness though she really is just a young girl who has been dealt a bad handColin doesn t have things easy either but he hasn t always lived in Metaltown and he has a family For me Colin is the optimist He believes there has to be something better and the factory workers can influence change He is always looking for the good in people and a way to make things better Simply put he wants something than what Metaltown has to offer Colin values loyalty and cares about his family and if there is one thing he wants most it is to protect the people he loves I love this about Colin and I can t fault him for his decisionseven if I didn t like them all the timeLena is a Hamptonas in Hampton Industries which owns the factory that Ty and Colin work in She has a very different life from Ty and Colin but things are easier Yes her family is rich but she is abused by her brother and not allowed to do anything her father doesn t approve of Her argument to be involved in the factories is what puts her into the mix with Ty and Colin and it is also the catalyst to the rest of the story Lena is smart and as she begins to dig into how her father and brother are running the factory she realizes just how bad things are for the workers When something horrible happens to Ty at the factory her ability to work is put at risk and when Lena is the one to kick her off the line Ty is even angrier than usual The factory and the Hamptons have become the face of all of her problems and this is important because all three of these characters become key players in the press for workers rights and Ty has issues including Lena in everything Not only is she a Hampton and he cause of most of her problems in her mind but she is also taking Colin away from her When the group decides not to pledge to the Brotherhood and instead start the Small Parts Charter Lena pledges right alongside everyone elseIn their push to make changes the group decides to show up to the factory and not go in and this is where things start to get out of control I am not going to say all the things that happen here but this is the turning point in the story where the press back becomes real and there are real conseuences to the decisions the group makes It is also the catalyst to the rest of the storywhich I can t say anything about really because I don t want to ruin it What I will say is this Kristen Simmons can tell a great story Not only is the world well developed but the characters are all so different I really just wanted to hug each and every one of them even though Ty probably wouldn t have let me and the second I finished the book I couldn t stop thinking about the book which to me that is a sign of a great story I m pretty sure I hit on every emotion while reading this book and I can t even tell you how much I both love and hate Kristen Simmons for making me feel ALL the things OkI don t really hate her for it but there s this part when you read it you will see what I mean Well there isn t much I can tell you about this book because in all honesty you should read this to experience the whole thing Like I said I am sure my review doesn t do this book any justice and if you take anything from this at all just know that you need to read this book It should be on your TBR if it isn t already and it should be read as soon as you can possibly get it into your hands After reading all of Kristen Simmons books I can tell you I am never disappointed and her books are immediately put onto my wishlist when I hear she has a new one coming out If you are looking for a story that will pull you in from the very first page and holds onto you long after the book is finished this is the book for you Thank you to the publisher for the review copy

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He’ll risk everything to do what’s rightIn Lena Ty sees an heiress with a chip on her shoulder Colin sees something In a world of disease and war tragedy and betrayal allies and enemies all three of them must learn that challenging what they thought was true can change all the rulesAn enthralling story of friendship and rebellion Metaltown will have you believing in the power of ho. Metaltown has been on my to read list for uite some time and I can definitely say that it s nothing short of incredible This dystopian tale brings readers into a polluted industrial nation where three unlikely young friends decide that it s high time they uestion the ruthless factory run society they live in Sort of as if Six of Crows and the 1995 film The Mangler were combined Metaltown brings together many themes and genres from steampunk to environmental to young adult and it does so in an explosion of imagination and intelligence

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    Les Mis meets the NewsiesPrepare to be destroyed basically

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    Win a copy of Metaltown Review posted on The Eater of Books blogMetaltown by Kristen SimmonsPublisher Tor TeenPublication Date September 20 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleySummary from GoodreadsMetaltown where factories

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    Crooked men run Metaltown an industrialized city where children are exploited for labor If the children want rights and proper pay they must rise up in rebellion and fight for what they deserveIn this dystopian society people are divided into three classes the working poor of Metaltown; the educated but struggling middle class of Bakerstown and the wealthy elite of the River District Clean water is scarce Mo

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    Omg so stinking good you guys And Kristen Simmons be proud you had tears welling in my eyes at that one part Full review to come but Simmons has created an amazing and raw story of perseverance A story of friendship and family and fighting for what you believe in Definitely get this on your must read list immedia

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    When I started Metaltown I was expecting a standard YA dystopia with all the tropes typical for the genre Nothing outstanding just your classic

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    Dear Kristen Simmonsyou get me okay? I loved everything about this book and that's even though you made me cryFull ReviewIf I haven’t told you this yet you are going to want to add Metaltown by Kristen Simmons to your to be read listshelf I am fairly certain I hit every single emotion while reading Metaltown and I can’t even tell you everything There are so many things that I loved about this book and I am fairly certain th

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    I had been so excited to read this book for ages As I adore Kristen And I thought this one seemed so amazing Then I was lucky enough to win an ARC of it and now I have finally gotten to read it But oh I have so many thoughts about it And most of them are not good At all Sobs I'm just angry I'm so so angryI'm giving this book two s

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    Way back when I read Kristen Simmons Article 5 I looked up my review which said in short loved the story world; didn't love the romance Well in the immortal words of Yogi Berra déjà vu all over again I thought Metaltown's story world was really well crafted I'm not sure if this book is supposed to be alt histo

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    Metaltown has been on my to read list for uite some time and I can definitely say that it's nothing short of inc

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    Full review to come