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Moartea lentă a Lucianei B

Un artist să dea formă prin scriitura sa nu doar unui roman ci și realității care îl înconjoară E cu putință că romanul său să prindă viață în afară paginilor inerte ale manuscrisului Cum se poate transforma o simplă dorință într un geniu al răului și cât de departe poate ajunge setea de răzbunare a omului care a pierdut t. A book about booksif you enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind you will probably enjoy this book as well

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Se pare că acești ultimi ani din viață femeii pe vremuri o tânără foarte frumoasă nu au fost decât un lung șir de tragedii în urma cărora aproape toți membrii familiei sale au pierit Pradă disperării cu mințile rătăcite ea cere ajutorul romancierului pentru care lucrase în trecut vreme de câteva săptămâni Este oare posibil ca. A few years ago I read the mathematics tinged The Oxford Murders by the Argentinian writer Guillermo Martinez and found that somewhat irritating in its insistence of mysticism around logic and set theory The writer now comes up with an even fantastic tale in The Book of Murder in which it appears characters are killed by a mad author and nobody is able to establish that fact The narrator is approached by a distraught Luciana a secretary who had briefly worked with him a decade earlier who accuses the far famous novelist Kloster of systematically killing off her family in revenge for her own actions that in Kloster s mind resulted in his abandonment by his wife and in the death of his daughter Luciana used to be a beauty but now she is deformed by her paranoia and anguish and the narrator a somewhat less successful author himself finds it difficult to believe her Still some vestiges of loyalty to her lead him to accost Kloster who dismisses him brusuely Inflamed the narrator decides to put down Luciana s story in the form a novel and threatens Kloster with its publication unless he agrees to reveal his involvement At this point Martinez appears to lose the plot and introduces a peculiar agent who is supposed to have committed gross crimes in the town Suddenly the book we are reading and the book the narrator is writing become aspects of a single unifying theme exactly what that theme is I am unable to determine and just like so many books with interesting premises this one also meanders into opaueness and stultification Read it if you must

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Romanul Moartea lentă a Lucianei B publicat în Spania în 2007 tradus deja în peste 20 de țări a fost votat de către criticii spanioli în rândul celor mai bune zece cărți ale anului În clipa în care telefonul sună iar la capătul celălalt al firului se aude vocea Lucianei în mintea naratorului se declanșează o avalanșă de amintiri. Bla bla I m a male author bla bla here s my male editor and I talking about writing and I drop a bit show don t tell of info hinting at what kind of person he is bla bla here s pages of detail about the writing and habits of the other male author being set up as the villain and I drop a bit of info hinting at what kind of person I think he is in the same wayThe first woman on the sceneI phoned her a calm cheerful polite voice as soon as I got back to my flat and we arranged to meet When I went down to let her in I found a tall slim girl with a serious yet smiling face high forehead brown hair drawn back into a ponytailAttractive Very attractive and terribly young she looked like a first year student just out of the shower Jeans and a loose blouse coloured wristbands on one wrist trainers with a star print We smiled at each other without speaking in the narrow confines of the lift very white even teeth hair still a little damp at the ends scentInside my apartment we soon agreed hours and pay She sat down uite casually at the computer dropping her small handbag beside her and making the chair swivel gently with her long legs as we talked Brown eyes an intelligent uick sometimes cheerful look A serious yet smiling face oh good terribly young That s always a promising beginning to a novel s description of its first female character in conjunction with how attractive she is to the main male character Hey uh remember how her hair was up in a ponytail And they were smiling at each other in the elevator indicating that they were facing each other And he mentions her hair is IN A PONYTAILSo is that bad writing or is this guy just taking creepy starting to a WHOLE NEW LEVELThat first day she took dictation for two straight hours She was fast sure and as an added miracle made no spelling mistakes Her hands on the keyboard hardly seemed to move She adapted straight away to my voice and pace and never lost the thread Perfect then in every way At almost thirty I was starting to look with cruel melancholy into women s futures and I couldn t help noticing other things about her Her hair starting high on her forehead was very fine and brittle and if you looked down on her from above I dictated standing up her parting was a little too wide Also her jawline was not as firm as one might have wished a slight fleshiness at her throat threatening in time to become a double chin And before she sat down I noticed that from the waist down she suffered from the characteristic Argentinian asymmetry as yet only incipient of excessive hips But all this lay far in the future and for now her youth overcame any flawsFuck you Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck everything about this entire fucking paragraph of did I mention she was hot but also not hotAs I opened the first notebook to begin dictating she straightened her back in the chair and I confirmed with disappointment what I had suspected her blouse fell straight over a completely flat chestBut might this not have been a convenient defence for Kloster perhaps a decisive one As I had recently found out Kloster was married and he would have had trouble introducing an eighteen year old nymphetDING DING DING THIRTY YEAR OLD USING THE PHRASE TERRIBLY YOUNG JUST BEFORE DESCRIBING HER BODY IN GREEEEEEEEAT DETAIL AND USING THE WORD NYMPHET ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME AND IT GETS WORSE BELOW CONFIRMED How DID I know that was a bad sign I must be fucking psychicWe now return you to our interrupted paragraph of creepiness Well one of them to his wife if the girl had generous curves as well But above all if the writer wanted to work undistracted wasn t it a perfect arrangement He had the youthful grace of her profile which he could calmly admire while he worked whilst avoiding any sexual tension that might have come from another dangerous contour I wondered if Kloster had made this kind of calculation this kind of secret deliberation I wondered as Pessoa had if it was only I who was so vile vile in the literal sense of the word In any case I approved of his choiceOr maybe he s capable of having professional relationships with women and you aren t and THAT S why you were so weirded out earlier by the revelation that he did have a wife and kidHa ha who am I kidding with this introduction he s probably also a creepy asshole Also I love that self acknowledged yup I m vile one sentence acknowledgment of how gross he is before he goes back to talking about his penis s opinion of her bodyOh but don t worry his character also learns about her as a person after ogling her body for several hoursOr maybe do worry because it gets WORSEI was sufficiently intrigued by him to be able to wait until she and I had got to know each other better but I did find out as she gathered cups and saucers in the kitchen almost everything I would ever know about Luciana She was indeed at university in her first year She was studying biology but was thinking of changing subject Mummy daddy an older brother in his final year of medicine a much younger sister aged seven mentioned with an ambivalent smile as if she were an endearing pest A grandmother who d been in an old people s home for some time A boyfriend discreetly slipped into the conversation without actually mentioning his name with whom she d been going out for a year Had she slept with the boyfriend I made a few cynical remarks and she laughed I decided she had definitelyHere s your tell don t show checklist of the female character my male character is getting set up to bang or at least want to bang and okay we re done now back to talking about her body by asking her who she s fucked AND IT STILL KEEPS GOING I mean I could pretty much just copy and paste the entire section of chapter 1 that s about her that I read before giving up and it d demonstrate of the above He fantasizes about her He asks her intrusive uestions about her relationship with the other author as well bringing it well before chapter 1 is over to a total of 2 men he s tried to find out an 18 year old s sexual history with I m done Well before chapter 1 is over I m sooooo done

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About the Author: Guillermo Martínez

Guillermo Martínez is an Argentine novelist and short story writer He gained a PhD in mathematical logic at the University of Buenos AiresAfter his degree in Argentina he worked for two years in a postdoctoral position at the Mathematical Institute Oxford His most successful novel has been The Oxford Murders written in 2003 In the same year he was awarded the Planeta Prize for this novel

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    This is a very difficult book to put into words I liked it I wasn't sure I liked it it kept me interested I kept

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    Goodreads describes this as a literary mystery and by that they presumably mean it's not the usual formulaic whodunit The mystery is not who did the murders but if murders even took place For me the book was a flashback to Pirandello'

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    Bla bla I'm a male author bla bla here's my male editor and I talking about writing and I drop a bit show don't tell of info hinting at what kind of person he is bla bla here's pages of detail about the writing and habits of the other male author being set up as the villain and I drop a bit of info hinting at

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    The I think about this book the better I like it It's one of those What fascinates me the most is that the crux of the plot the solution to the mystery is basically untenable Clearly Martinez knows this as does the book's protagonist who doesn't want to believe it either It leaves us with a philosophical uandary at the end one that we can resolve with a supernatural solution or walk away from with uestions about chance and probab

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    An Argentinian writer gets a call from a former secretary Luciana ten years after working with her for a single month She's desperate to see him He remembers her That beginning pulled me in The tension in this boo

  6. says:

    A few years ago I read the mathematics tinged The Oxford Murders by the Argentinian writer Guillermo Martinez and found that somewhat irritating in its insistence of mysticism around logic and set theory The writer now comes up with an even f

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    This author seems to get off on his own knowledge of great writers as he never wasted an opportunity to let you know what insert famous writer here says About this or that I also think he may be a red pill er based on the inner dialogue of the main character and his superficial characterizations of the women in this book Basically a she was attractive she wanted me to want her I did and she rebuffed me she sucks But thi

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    the mesmerizing The Book of Murder A young writer finds himself unexpectedly tangled up in the story of Luciana his former assistant and Kloster bestselling author and rival What he discovers about the deaths surrounding Luciana will make him uestion everything he had always believed and taken for granted about chance and calculatio

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    A book about booksif you enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind you will probably enjoy this book as well

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    This isn’t my usual read being a psychological thriller the mystery is who is telling the truth but they all seemed kind of insane There’s enough to keep the pages turning and I read it in a day but it wasn’t a very satisfying conclusion It’s a wonder it hasn’t been turned into a film though I expect the “heroine” would be made glamorous insane tubby women with big hips do not sell films

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