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Mob Murder of Americas Greatest Gambler

Fascinating book Evansville Courier and Press Great read great story Lots that I had forgotten and uite frankly a heck of a lot I did not knowa most interesting story of an actual police case with all the ups and downs the s.

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Tarts and stops the excitement and the disappointments that are part of real police work especially complicated Organized Crime Cases Richard Eisgruber one of the Evansville FBI agents involved in the Ryan murder investigatio.

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The true saga of millionaire oilman and highest of the high stakes gambler Ray Ryan who was killed in a 1977 car bombing the Chicago hoodlum who wanted Ryan dead and a bulldog cop's 35 year effort to solve a gangland murder A.

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    I was not living in Evansville when Ray Ryan was killed in the 1977 car bombing but I've heard about it for years This book written by an Evansville newspaper reporter and the cop who worked on the case for 35 yea

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    I thought it was prett

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    Had never heard of this guy before

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