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To slimy stinkhorns and bracket fungi Advice is given on where when and how to pick and prepare edible fungi and new and traditional dishers are offered to transform your own finds into memorable mea. Arrived dog earred

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Mushroom Book

This guide to the world of fungi combines the accuracy of a fieldguide with mushroom recipes and first hand foraging information It provides a photographic recognition guide to a variety of both rare. As described using-microsoft-excel-and-access-2016-for-accounting variety of both rare. As described

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And common fungi species An amazing diversity of colours shapes and textures is revealed in close ups of common and bizarre species from familiar pink gilled field mushrooms and spongy giant puffballs. husband very happy

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    As described

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    The Mushroom Book is out of print Why It has lesser offspring with it s cloned paperback edition but the original is currently recycled online at over 30 If you are appreciative of good colour, layout, and design then write to the publisher If you want want a book that describes not only how good something is to eat but how beautiful it is then, again, write to the publisher If you wish to preserve and make ava

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    Wonderful book excellent value and quality and came quickly Descriptions and pictures are excellent An excellent book for all interested in Mycology

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    Excellent book, arrived on time in excellent condition

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    husband very happy

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    I am using this book as a field guide to help undergraduate students to do independent work This book has helped raise their enthusiasm for mushroom hunting Even my son is interested to know He keeps turning the pages to compare the specimens he has observed on site.

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    Arrived dog earred

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    Great book I already own multiple books on edible mushrooms but this one has really really nice organization and pictures Very well put together and highly recommended Good for all level of mycophagists and enth

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    This book is excellent quality Well thought out and researched, with great content As an amateur, or even advanced learner, this guide will benefit you It s well written, to the point, and packed full of educational information I have used this book for months and really like it It s my go to book as far as identification, facts, and information regarding different fungus It s a great buy and you won t be disappointed.

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    This book is well organized with spot on pictures and descriptions It is exactly what I need to build confidence as a beginn

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    Got a forest full of good mushrooms and want to eat them But have to learn all I can Good book and easy to follow.Can identify four edibles fo

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    Great value

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    Lots of different mushrooms for around the world

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    Great pictures

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