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My Girlfriends Sissy Baby

He would have never imagined This book includes numerous pictures of an actual person as he is regressed into a diaper wearing little sissy baby The young man is forced to act dress and behave just like a sissy baby should With multiple pictures on every page showing everything one would expect from an adult baby sissy fantasy story eg adult baby diapers frilly rhumbas onesies sissy baby dresses and Every step of his regression and detail of his humiliation is visually represented with color photos of a real life sissy baby This story contains strong ABDL themes and photos including age play re gression female domination spanking wetting diaper use sissy humiliation forced diapering sexual play and masturbation as well as other sexual and explicit content Reader discretion is strongly advised This story is for adults only 18 years of age and older on.

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Gins with a young man and his committed girlfriend who is already aware of his Adult BabyDiaper Lover fetish as well as his desire to be her sissy baby slave too They have experimented with his fetish before however her boyfriend had recently started to develop an increasingly short temper which made her concerned and want to help him To cure him of his stress frustra tions and of course his short temper she determines that deep therapy with extended forced regressionsissy baby sessions will cure her boyfriend perma nently Being forced back into diapers is just the beginning of the regression therapy treatment that this young man will be subjected too As his treatment continues he is increasingly dominated and completely transformed into a helpless sissy baby girl at the hand of his girlfriend She takes her boyfriends fantasy to an extreme that even.

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This Adult Baby Sissy Age Play Humiliation Forced Regression story is a pic ture book with multiple photos of a genuine practicing adult sissy baby boy who plays a young man that is put back into diapers and regressed by his girl friend into helpless little diaper wearing sissy baby girl The photos enhance the story and allow the reader to imagine this erotic fantasy in great detail Readers can even use the story and pictures to imagine themselves as the main character as if they are the one who is being transformed into an actual sissy baby If you’re new to age play this picture book can also be used as a resource to inspire your own fantasy scenarios for individual role play andor with your partner This adult sissy baby picture book is the first of its kind and was created and designed to draw readers into the story like never before The story be.

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