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The rapport between the photographer and the band is apparent and the exchanges delving into the bands history provide real insight That rapport is evenevident in the meat of the book with Cummins work showing an intimacy with his subject matter regardless of whether the band is at leisure or onstageBad haircuts and fashion choices aside this book captures the group as we d like to remember them a great band at the top of its game THE AGIT READERA definitive collection of photographs of the legendary and influential band New Order New Order.

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New Order

Remains one of the most popular bands of the last half century Founded in the dying years of punk and disco and combining elements of post punk new wave and electronic dance music New Order was responsible for some of the biggest hits of the era and is one of few bands to have achieved mainstream success while retaining cult status Having been the most trusted photographer of Joy Division in the s Kevin Cummins was uniuely placed to document the rise and fall of New Order from their formation in to their split in From underground beginning.

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S as the flagship group of Factory Records in Manchester to grandstand tours around Europe and America Cummins captured the band in every light from the intimacy of the studio to the frenetic energy of live performance Collected here for the first time arethan a hundred photographs reflecting over a decade of New Order Prefaced by a selection of rarely seen ephemera conversations with the band members and an introduction from Douglas Coupland this is a stunning celebration of a band whose influence on music and fashion is still palpable tod.