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G as this is still possible that is since urbanisation globalisation and climate change endanger the lifestyle of these people Locations Mongolia Russia Turkey Kyrgyzstan Taiga area Finland Alaska Greenlan.

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Nomad By Toirkensjeroenbrandt

Nomad is an impressive photography book which presents the harsh lives of nomads It studies the very essence of nomadic life worldwide The photographs by Jeroen Toikons award winner of the first prize Zilv.

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Eren Camera Silver Camera in are the result of trips he made to the most distant places on earth With his project NomadsLife he tries to capture the traditional way of life of nomads in pictures for as lon.

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    Ein Bild einer uns unbekannter Welt.Der Fotograf ist einen wirklichen Profi.Dazu hat Jelle geschrieben.Was wird den n chsten Auftrag