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Om the early s until the present dayp b iNYC Street Photography i captures the soul of the city from grime to glitter Stars villains and everyone in between people who together make New York what it isp Brian Nobili s and Ricky Powell s first book as authors with Dokument Press is also the first volume of their iNYC Street Photograph.

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NYC Street Photography... It's the Joint !

Y i book series This work also includes images by highly acclaimed street photographers Jamel Shabazz Joe Conzo Sue Kwon Cheryl Dunn Craig Wetherby Akira Ruiz Peter Pabon and SDJ With the hardcover s overall concept created by the world renowned Bronx artist CES even this book s exterior is a work of art p iNYC Street Photography i i.

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A prolific collection of authentic NYC imagesa must have collection of unfiltered unapologetic imagery Jay McMichael Senior Photojournalist CNNbiNYC Street Photography It s the Joint i is a collection of of New York s most prolific street photographers today Through their photography they tell stories from every corner of the city fr.