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    I seem to be spending uite some time with Paddington Bear just lately for he is again This time he visits an outdoor exhibition of paintings there was one every Sunday morning on the Bayswater Road close to where I lived when I first went to London but as I had no money at the time my purchase of art was severely restricted but I have made up for it in later life and he surveys the paintings very closely When shown 'Sunset in Bo

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    45 stars

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    Sooo cute

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    Meh Didn't 'get' this book

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    Nostalgien er stor når jeg læser Paddintong D

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    read to a wee one today Paddington is timeless I love that bear

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    Мечето Падингтън е един от най емблематичните герои на британ

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    I read this today on my trip to Harrods It's such a cute story I loved the way Paddington takes on the challenge of art and how his friend Mr Guber uietly encourages him to keep painting without the bear even knowing it I like this book because it had a good message for kids to gain from the story opposed to some other children's books I've

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    Mama bought this book a long long time ago in London I like the bear's read hat and trench coat Mama told me that the first time she went to London her coat and hat looked just like thatand she didn't even know who Paddington was Shortly after she found out she stopped wearing the hat and coat cause she didn't want to look like a s

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    After seeing an Outdoor exhibition where there were paintings for sale after a walk with Mr Gruber Paddington takes up painting himself Very cute story

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