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Rmation and delicious easy recipes will help you incorporate high uality protein in appropriate uantities for your needs as part of a balanced healthy lifestyleTess Masters The Blender Girl author of The Perfect Blend app HealthyBlenderRecipesProtein from Plants is brilliant Heather tackles the overly familiar subject of protein with her signature grace accessibility friendliness and style The book is laid out in a very user friendly way and includes key information and simple nourishing recipes This is the perfect book for anyone whos ever wondered about protein or been asked Where do you get your protein Love love love it Tess Challis vegan chef author and wellness coach TessChallisThe best information about protein all in one place Yes you can get all the protein you need from plant sources Heather explains protein needs in an easy to understand way including types of plant protein available and of course delicious recipes everyone will love This is the perfect book for newer and longer term vegans alike and makes the perfect gift to your friends and family who dont believe you can be vegan and meet all your nutritional needsChristy Morgan The Blissful and Fit Chef author of Blissful Bites BlissfulAndFitThis in depth guide feels like it was written by a kno.

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Protein from Plants: A full nutritional guide to vegan protein recipes, quick-grab snacks meal plans (English Edition)

Usually one of the first uestions vegans are asked is how they get protein since animal foods are considered by many to be the ideal protein sourceand some people think they are the only foods that contain proteinThis book will give you a full understanding of protein including how much you actually need and how to getthan enough from plant foods Armed with the information recipes and meal plans in this book you will be confident and healthy as a veganand have the answers to those uestionsThis book is also for vegetarians and meat eaters since focusingon the plant side of your plate is always a good thing and you might be curious about how your vegan friends can be so healthy without meatBut where do you get your protein Its the uestion that never goes away when eating vegan Finally we have a comprehensive resource on plant based protein In Protein from Plants Heather delivers the straight facts about protein in the diet addressing protein needs protein sources and all other uestions and concerns Combined with recipes and meal plans this book is indeed an excellent source for protein Dreena Burton author of Plant Powered Families and other books PlantPoweredKitchenThis book is a phenomenal resource for plant based living Heathers well researched nutrition info.

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Wledgeable friend who can answer every uestion youve ever had about protein Best of all Heather helps you put everything you learn to use She provides an impressive collection of easy to make satisfying recipes and nutritionally balanced meal plans The advice is so valuable that it should be read by vegans and non vegans alike Ill be passing it along to anyone who asks me how I get my protein Whitney Lauritson founder of EcoVeganGal and vegan business coachI have never seen acomplete guide to all things plant based protein in my life If youre seeking answers to that age old uestion about where veg folk get their protein this book is the only thing youll need From athletes to children and family needs the varied sources of protein the how tos and everything in between Heather has got you covered Kristin Lajeunesse author of Will Travel for Vegan Food WTFVeganFoodHeather Nicholds is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who helps clients reconnect with food as a positive source of nourishment and energy Shes known for the attention and care she puts into each and every meal plan each and every class or workshop each and every recipe She makes the healthy part flow effortlessly for you and the meals so crazy delicious that youll wind up making them over and over aga.