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Take the kinks out of working with uarkXPress uarkXPress still remains one of the top tools for layout and design projects even thirty years after it made its debut This full color hands on guide is here to help you take the guesswork out of using this powerful tool to create stunning print or digital designs In uarkXPress For Dummies you'll find information on the latest changes to uarkXPress easy to follow step by step guidance on using the too. Great if you need to know the basics for using uarkXPress I have used Indesign before and it took some getting use to the change in software so this was really useful to work out new commands etc

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QuarkXPress for Dummies

Ls built into the software to aid in designing and outputting visual product and uick solutions to common uark problems when you get stuck uarkXPress dominated the page layout world for decades It's stuck around thanks to how it readily adapts to customer needs This new version contains updates and features driven solely by customer feedback That responsiveness is luring new and former users to the fold That resurgence in the design community has. Very helpful

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Uark users clamoring for an authoritative book on how to use it to its fullest Created in partnership with the pros at uark this is the book for new and experienced uarkXPress users looking to make sense of the latest version Offers unbeatable tricks for working with text Provides guidance on managing larger design projects Includes tips on how to correct mistakes Take a tour of the palettes add style to your work and make uarkXPress work for yo. A very thorough must read for uark users

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    arrivé plus vite que prévu Parfait

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    Great if you need to know the basics for using QuarkXPress, I have used Indesign before and it took some getting use to the change in software

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    So glad I found the Kindle version this Book, easier to manage and learn from Kinder on the pocket Recommended.

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    Very helpful

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    Very thorough and easy to assimilate

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    Good read of big program!

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    A great little reference which is a good primer, but also has a lot of very detailed info—so it's not only for first time users I have than

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    A very thorough must read for Quark users.

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    Simple, direct!

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    I never downloaded the file At the time I ordered it, I mistakenly thought I was ordering a print copy As soon as I realized my mistake, I attempted to cancel the order but there appears to be no way to do that with an eBook After wa

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    My wife loves this book She uses it all the time.

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    Very basic No info than the XPress User Guide, sometimes less Not many Tips and Tricks as in the David Blatner XPress books.

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    Thank you very much.

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    It helps, but it is Quark. I would rather have and use InDesign much easier for me the design in.