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Uestion Everything The Examined Life of Socrates Timeless truths with relevance for today The life teachings and death of Socrates the person acclaimed by many to be the world’s greatest philosopher presented with humor to inform as well as entertain in a manner as creative and carefree as the man himself While on trial sure of his innocence that he was only arraigned out of jealousy Socrates recounts his life with veracity and wit presenting his life in exciting entertaining and comedic ways but then the verdict takes a turn for the worse Despite the protests of his friends Socrates refuses to escape the bitter sentencing Written Humorously But with the Utmost of Respect Ray Divine presents the life of Socrates as never before Although Socrates has often been parodied by Woody Allen by Steve Martin in “Bill Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure” etc this book chooses not to mock this fascinating man but rather presents its comedy with admiration awe and appreciation for the philosopher deemed by many to be the greatest of them all Says the author “I feel t.

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uestion Everything

He humor which is organic to the story reflects the jovial nature of this great philosopher” Divine also admits taking some poetic license eschewing the details of certain facts to make key points in Socrates’ life without having the humor mock the man but rather enhance our understanding of someone so uniue and clever and truly ahead of his time Capturing the spirit of the man if not the letter as well A Historical Hysterical Biography Rated PG 13 Snippets But just when the teacher thought it was safe to teach an inuisitive child young Socrates asked “So what makes a good life for you” Solon stammered “That’s That’s personal” Rolling his eyes young Socrates shook his head “So you still have no idea Not even for yourself” With an echoing foot stomp the teacher shouted “Two plus two euals four Any uestions related to that” As the young man grimaced the young woman glared at Socrates “My advice” said Socrates “By all means marry” Sighing the young man and the young woman smiled Socrates returned their smile with a wry one of his o.

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Wn “If you get a good wife you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one you’ll become a philosopher” Plato shook his head in disbelief “You lived all these years; and you never wrote anything” “That’s not true” said Socrates “Just last week I wrote what Xanthippe wanted me to buy at the market” Faithful Plato who’d been with Socrates for so long stood to his feet and waved his fist at Democritus “This is an outrage A travesty A A Outrageous travesty” Socrates pat Plato’s shoulder to assuage his friend’s fury “Maybe the gadfly wasn’t my best metaphor” Crito “I come with the best news ever” Apollodorus brightened a bit “The court acuiesced and decided to set Socrates free” Crito slumped a bit “No I come with the second best news ever” “Sneak away I shall not” said Socrates “Even if convicted unjustly a righteous person must respect the law” Bam Crito pounded on the bars in frustration “Don’t be so selfish Socrates Think of me If you die people will think me too cheap to bribe the guards to let you escape.

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