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Regency Nights

S Fryston The Grange has stood abandoned since he sailed to America to begin a new life after the English Civil Waror so Hester thought Lucas has returned to England and their reunion reawakens a passion that neither can deny But with Hester's past catching up to her will one night of pleasure be all they can share.

SUMMARY Regency Nights

R justice Lorne is now in Iain's hands She protests her innocence – but does her tempting beauty mask a treacherous spiritOne Reckless NightHester Atkins was always a uiet unassuming woman – until she's driven to commit a crime of desperation Now on the run she takes refuge in the home of her former suitor Luca.

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Traitor Or TemptressLorne McBryde desperately seeks a means to escape the savage violence of her Scottish Highland home Her headstrong nature is countered by her instinctive kindness Yet for Iain Monroe Earl of Norwood she will be marked forever by her family's betrayalKidnapped in the dead of night held hostage fo.

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