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Isastrous accident sparks an angry uprising against the ULTRAs And things go from bad to worse when a scheming new villain with devastating powers takes advantage of the fury and chaos creating an ULTRA army of his ownNow with the planet rising against him and an army of ruthless rival ULTRAs closing in Kyle Peters must embrace his Glacies superher.

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Revenge of the ULTRAs

O identity once in order to save those he loves and rescue a warring world from irreversible self destructionRevenge of the ULTRAs is the fourth book in Matt Blake's The Last Hero superherourban fantasy series With lovable characters nail biting action and adventure and thrilling twists and turns The Last Hero is sure to delight all fans of the gen.

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The gripping fourth book in Matt Blake's hit The Last Hero series Kyle Peters' life has changed dramatically over the last twelve months After saving the planet from the clutches of an evil supervillain Kyle and the rest of his team of ULTRAs are now responsible for maintaining peace in the worldBut keeping the peace is easier said than done as a d.

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    BravoPart 4 down I really enjoyed the conflict in this like everything Kyle did blew up in his face like he couldn’t do any good even when he tried Adam was an interesting antagonist not the typical supervillai

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    MehStill too overpowered of a hero And things always work out no matter how crazy it may have gotten So meh