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Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

Inkwell and accidentally changed one of the Foolish Magistrate's rules Little did Sagwa know she would alter the fate and the appearance of Chinese cats forever. Ming Miao explains to her four kittens how Siamese cats got their dark tails ears noses and paws It is all do to a curious little white kitten named Sagwa who lived in a grumpy magistrate s house in China She accidentally fell into an ink well changed a law brought healing to a land and helped the magistrate see the error of his ways This reads like a Chinese addition to Kipling s Just So Stories in that it somewhat ridiculously explains how an animal came to look a certain way and has a moral lesson as well The illustrations are very bright and colorful but on some pages they almost seem too busy Of course some traditional Chinese art and decor looks similar so I can t fault the artist for not making it feel authentic It is a cute story about a curious cat And a nice multicultural addition to any library I would probably mix in a lesson on how Siamese cats really get their coloring just to clarify for little kids It is based on temperature of the area at time of fur growththe paws tail etc are the areas that get the least blood flow and thus are cooler and grow in a different colorsorry the former Biology teacher in me just crept out there

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Ievous pearl white kitten Sagwa lived in the House of the Foolish Magistrate a greedy man who made up rules that helped only himself One day Sagwa fell into an. Especially for cat lovers A sweet short story about an errant kitten

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Before you go out into the world Ming Miao told her five kittens you must know the true story of your ancestorsAnd so begins the story of Sagwa of China a misch. Why do Siamese cats have dark ears paws and tails Sagwa is a pearly white Chinese kitten who lives with her parents Baba and Mama Miao and her two siblings Dongwa and Sheegwa in the House of the Foolish Magistrate who is in charge of issuing rules for all the people and animals in his province and makes a lot of silly proclamations One day the Foolish Magistrate writes a decree that no one can sing until the sun goes down He doesn t see Sagwa perched up high on a shelf After he leaves Sagwa decides to do something about it so she jumps down lands in the inkpot and gets ink on her ears paws and tail but she also blots out the word not on the paper When it is read it will say People must sing until the sun goes down But what will the Foolish Magistrate do to Sagwa and her family when he finds out what has happened When our boys were young they occasionally watched the animated PBS series Sagwa We even used some of the early reading books taken from the television show which are credited to George Daugherty who produced it One day while watching a segment with our younger son Jeremy I noticed that it was based on characters taken from a children s book by Amy Tan whose name I recognized but had not read any of her books Tan is well known for her adult novels such as The Joy Luck Club The Kitchen God s Wife The Hundred Secret Senses and The Bonesetter s Daughter I like the story of Sagwa because in addition to being a fun folk like tale for youngsters it exemplifies and encourages bravery in the face of injustice Also we are cat people so it has a special interest for us Originally published as The Chinese Siamese Cat some editions are called Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat most likely due to the popularity of the animated show

About the Author: Amy Tan

Amy Tan Chinese 譚恩美; pinyin Tán Ēnměi; born February 19 1952 is an American writer whose works explore mother daughter relationships and what it means to grow up as a first generation Asian American In 1993 Tan's adaptation of her most popular fiction work The Joy Luck Club became a commercially successful filmShe has written several other books including The Kitchen God's Wife The Hun

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    I remember seeing the tv show based on this I think anyway when I was a kid and wishing it was on after school so I could watch it It looked so cute This book is just as cute as the series really at least the story is Since I listened to the audio book I have no idea if this is even a picture book it's pretty short though

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    Why do Siamese cats have dark ears paws and tails? Sagwa is a pearly white Chinese kitten who lives with her pare

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    2 of my 3 kids loved this book The same 2 of 3 even love the PBS series which is based upon it Ironically the one that is not of the 2 is taking Mandarin go figure

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    Read for the 2020 Reading Rush challenge of Read a book that inspired a movie you've already seenAs a PBS kid I really loved watching Sagwa It was for sure one of my favorites in the line up after Zoom of course I never realized it was based on this book but I found it while surfing through Libby looking for something to read It's basically a story about how Siamese cats got their dark faces and paws and was every bit as cute as the show w

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    Remember that PBS Kids show Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat? I was convinced that I’d hallucinated it or someth

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    Especially for cat lovers A sweet short story about an errant kitten

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    35 stars Beautiful book cute story I loved the Sagwa show on PBS when I was younger I had no idea it was based on a Tan s

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    I remember as a little kid there was a TV show on PBS kids called Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat now that I am much older who would of thought that the book was the start of the show I really enjoyed the book as much as the show It's definitely a must read a show to watch

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    Ming Miao explains to her four kittens how Siamese cats got their dark tails ears noses and paws It is all do t

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    This book was adorably charming It's about a cat so of course it's charming The artstyle was fantastic and the plot complex yet simple There is a very important political theme to this one that I think that current politico s should take a lesson from This should be easy enough for an advanced 2nd grader or a struggling 3

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