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Ll frontal cross sections of monsters like the Dagwood and club to minute geometric tea sandwiches whose construction lookslike minimalist art than culinary creation Scanwiches presents unabashed food porn that satiates even the most severe sandwich fetish A supernova of swirling bread cheese meat and lettuce suspended in a black vacuous space and reproduced at actual size each sandwich lays imposing exposed and tantalizing Complimented by text revealing the origins and development of each sandwich throughout history youll learn to love and lust after these lowbrow delicacies in a whole new way.


A fresh way of looking at the worlds most versatile foodScanwiches is a declaration of love for that ubiuitous meal between two slices of bread The Sandwich As simple as they are sandwiches seem to inspire unusual devotion and bitter argument Debates have lasted decades over the best way to prepare a club what a true Philly cheesesteak really is or who deserves credit for inventing the hamburger But why shouldnt people be passionate about sandwiches Theyre a food thats threaded its way into the lives and cuisine of virtually every nation and culture where bread enters the daily diet From Europe.

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To South America India to Vietnam the hamburger and BLT to the wada pav and banh mi sandwiches are often representative of regional and national identitythe food of the everyman They reflect the history of the modern age the story of the working class and the evolution of mass produced eats From the invention of sliced bread to the hamburger assembly lines of modern fast food sandwiches have unceremoniously taken us into the st century in the shadows ofbrilliant symbols Scanwiches takes the sandwich and spreads it out for all to see Theres nothing uaint or humble about its presentation From fu.

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Jon Chonko is a graphic designer photographer writer and unashamed foodie The direct result of a good first date between his parents at a sandwich shop many years ago Chonko has spent the last two years scouring New Yorks delis cafes and markets for the citys most eye catching sandwiches In the process Chonko has become an expert on all things between bread and a very minor Internet celebrity thanks to his blog scanwichescom His uniue take on sandwiches has been featured in many publications including Wired The New York Times Print andThe Washington Post as well as in person at ROLFcon 2009 at MIT Besides sandwiches Chonko is an avid cyclist and kite enthusiast He lives with his girlfriend and their cat in Brooklyn New York

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